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Board of Education

Board of Education Members

David Ferraro
Area VI - Tower City Boro,
1st Precinct

Christopher Stroup - Treasurer
Area IV - Williamstown Boro,
2nd Precinct

Daniel Stroup - President
Area VII - Tower City Boro,
2nd Precinct, Rush Twp.

Joanna Stroup
Area II - Wiconisco Twp.

James Monger
Area VIII: Reinerton, Muir,

Michael Minnich
Area III - Williamstown Boro,
1st Precinct

Tracey L. Minnich
Area V - Williams Twp.

Jennifer Kramer - Board Secretary
Area I - Wiconisco Twp.

Nicholas A. Quinn, Esquire          

John Mika - Vice-President
Area IX - Sheridan, Seiberts, Orwin

If you need to speak to a board member or have a question, please call the district office at 717-647-2167 x1229.  Your call will be returned.  All other concerns can be addressed to the entire School Board at a future School Board meeting.


2019 Committee Members

(revised at the February 28, 2019 Board Meeting)

  • PSBA Liaison & Alternate:  (Liaison: Mr. Ferraro, Alternate Mr. M Minnich)
  • HACC Rep. & Alternate: (Rep.: Mrs. Kramer, Alternate:  Mr. T. Minnich)
  • Standing Committee for Expulsion Hearings:  (Mr. C. Stroup, Mr. Monger, Mr. Mika, Mrs. Stroup, Mrs. Kramer)
  • Board's Negotiation Team:  ( Mrs. Stroup, Mr. T. Minnich, Mr. Monger, Mr. Ferraro)
  • Student Activities Committee:  (Mr. Mika, Mrs. Stroup, Mr. T. Minnich, Mr. D. Stroup, Mr. Ferraro)
  • Board Policy Committee:  (Mrs. Stroup, Mr. T. Minnich, Mr. Mika, Mr. Monger)
  • Comprehensive Planning Committee:  (Mr. C. Stroup, Mrs. Kramer, Mr. Ferraro)
  • Employee Relations Contact & Alternate:  (Contact: Mr. C. Stroup, Alternate:  Mrs. Kramer)
  • Personnel Committee:  (Mr. T. Minnich, Mrs. Kramer, Mr. Mika, Mr. C. Stroup)

2019 Board Meeting Dates

(revised at the February 28, 2019 Board Meeting)

(Executive Sessions for Board Members/Administrators begin at 7 PM, public meetings begin at 7:30 PM.).

  January 10 & 24                                  July 11 & 25

            February 14 & 28                                August 8 & 22

            March 14 & 28                                    September 12 & 26

            April 11& 25                                        October 10 & 31

            May 9 & 23                                         November 14

            June 13 & 27                                      December 5 (reorganization mtg.)