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10400 State Route 209
Tower City, PA 17980-9474
Phone: 717-647-2167
Fax: 717-647-7543

Mrs. Stephanie Carl,Principal

Mrs. Judy Schappe, Assistant Principal

Principal's Corner

WVES Security Letter (pdf)

I just wanted to tell all of you how impressed I was during our Intruder Lockdown Drill we conducted on October 3rd.

The students and staff did an awesome job! You could hear a pin drop (which is what you want)! Everyone did their designated jobs building the barricade in front of their classroom doors, hiding quietly, and when they were told the intruder “breached” their door, they came out throwing things! I could not have been prouder!

This is the first in a series of drills and trainings that Mrs. Schappe and I will be doing with the students throughout the school year. The other drills we will be doing are: what to do on the playground, what to do in the cafeteria, and what to do during a Special Class. We realize that you cannot plan for each situation, because they are all unique, however; what we can do is to provide students with general guidelines so that they do not feel helpless if an uninvited intruder would attempt to come into our safe environment.

If you ever have any questions about what we are doing here at the elementary school to help keep our students safe, please feel free to call Mrs. Schappe or myself. We would be happy to speak to you concerning keeping our students safe!

Everyone have a Happy Halloween! Please come to our Halloween parade which we are having in the morning on the 31st!


Mrs. Carl
Elementary Principal
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